The ETU: Powering the Future

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Dear Members,

Have you seen the latest instalment in our video series about the ETU and the benefits available to financial members?

In this video Branch Secretary Les McLaughlan introduces you to some of the history of our Union and explains why it's important to be a member.

From its foundation in 1906, the Electrical Trades Union has been working to give electrical workers a voice and to ensure the quality and safety of electrical workers and the work they do in Australia.

Click here to watch the video.

The work the ETU has done over the last century has been immeasurable. With many of the conditions and standards won over that time now under threat, it's now more important than ever for workers to be a part of their union.

Without active members, we risk losing the hard-won victories of the past. To ensure that our children work in better conditions than we did, it's critical that the ETU remains strong with a vocal membership ready to stand up for workers' rights and the future of our industry.