Here are some answers to some common questions we get when we talk to apprentices.

I have been told apprentices cannot join a union. Is this true?

No. It is your legal right to join a union.

Does my employer need to know I am a union member?

No. Your membership is between you and the union and would only become known if you had an issue and wanted the union to act on your behalf.

How much does it cost to be a union member?

As at January 2018:

  1. Junior apprentice Direct Debit = $9.80/fortnight (= $4.90/week)
  2. Adult Apprentice Direct Debit = $24.80/fortnight (= $12.40/week)

Note: Union Fees are 100% Tax Deductible.

Are college fees / training costs meant to be paid by my employer?

Since January 2014, for the vast majority of apprentices college fees and training costs have to be paid by your employer.

Contact the union to see if you are entitled to have your fees paid.

Click here to read more about college fees and training costs.

How will membership benefit me?

There are many additional benefits of being an ETU member. Click here to find out.

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