Facts & Myths

The Facts About an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a four-year contract that is authorised by the apprenticeship office, it is one that the employer must supply adequate supervision and training for the four-year term, or until the apprentice has finished their capstone.

If an apprentice is issued with termination papers, the apprentice has the right to be given time to seek advice on what he/she is signing off on.

Termination of an apprenticeship will stop the apprentice eligibility to attend TAFE/CET, hence putting the apprenticeship on hold.

Apprentices have the right to representation and guidance through their apprenticeship, the ETU has the network and legal power to support you, to ensure that you complete your apprenticeship with the adequate training and on time.

Please note that in order to terminate a training contract all parties must agree to the termination. If the parties do not all agree a dispute resolution meeting can be held and facilitated by the Apprenticeship Office, with representation from the respective union for the apprentice.

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