Did you know the ETU can help apprentices like you? 

We were recently approached by some of our apprentices regarding their college fees and their right to have them paid for by their employer. Some were being underpaid or not being paid at all. We approached their employers on behalf of the apprentices, which resulted in them now being paid and, where appropriate, backpaid.

This is just one example of the many benefits of being an ETUWA member.

Why should I join the ETU?

There are plenty of good reasons to join the ETU, such as:

  • The ETU is fully committed to protecting your trade.
  • The ETU is represented on the Electrical Licensing Board and continues to defend your electrical Llcence.
  • The ETU actively defends workplace health and safety.
  • The ETU continues to push for improvements in the Award.
  • The ETU defends apprentices when they face disciplinary matters.
  • The ETU represents members with workers compensation claims.

For a confidential chat about this or any other matter, please get in touch with us.