How do I know what I should get paid?

It can be quite complicated in determining this question. First, you have to determine what agreement covers your employment. Next, you then have to interpret the terms in the agreement. If you were a member, you will get the assistance of experienced union officials and the ETU legal, who answers such questions like this everyday.

My husband is having problems with his employer and thinks he may be sacked. If he joins the Union will they help?

Members get the benefit of the ETU legal that can represent them on any employment issues – including unfair dismissal. Non-members will have to get their own legal representation which will cost them potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

My son is a second year apprentice and has been working on his own and he does not get paid for overtime, is this okay for an employer to do this?

It is not okay for the Employer to do this. If your son is a member, the ETUWA has a designated Apprentices Officer who specializes in issues of Apprentices Supervision and Pay and will assist apprentices who are members on these and other relevant issues to the apprenticeship.

My son has had an accident while driving the company vehicle and they have told him he needs to pay the excess which is nearly $700.00 does he need to pay?

This is quite a complicated issue that arises quite often. As a member, you will get access to both union officials and the ETUWA legal department to fight for you on this issue.

I am not a member of the Union and not covered by the EBA and my employer has terminated me due to lack of work. Am I entitled to get any payment?

Yes. Upon termination, at the very least, you are entitled to payment of your accrued entitlements such as annual leave. Further, depending on your circumstances, you should be entitled to notice of termination and redundancy pay. As a member, the legal department could assess your situation and make sure you get what is yours.

My employer wants me to work away from home, is there any allowances?

Yes, you may well be entitled to “travel” and “living away from home” allowances, depending on the type of industrial agreement you are covered by. As a member, specialized union officials well versed in such allowances would be able to assess your situation and assist you.

I want to obtain an electrical licence in WA. Who do I call?

Energy Safety (08) 9422 5200

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