Electrical Trades Union WA

If you've ever had a problem at work, you'll understand why unions exist. If you don't have problems at work, it's because unions exist. It's because others have fought to ensure that your have many of the things we take for granted in our working life today. But those things are not necessarily there forever if we don't keep up the fight.

The ETU is made up of groups of workers who have organised themselves into the union to solve problems that they can't solve on their own. We know that as a group, we have more power than individuals and with that power we can put pressure on employers to respond to the issues that concern us in our working lives.

The ETU is made up of workers like you, who want to defend and improve their working conditions and play their role in maintaining a good standard of living for themselves, their families and our community as a whole.

We need your participation so that we can be strong and successful in order to have dignity as working people. Everyday, our way of life is threatened by governments and hostile employers who want to keep us down while their profits go up.

They would like to see us out of our unions and be like those exploited, underpaid non-unionised workers who are ignorant of their rights and suffer more workplace injuries than us. Some of us know what it's like because we've been there. And we sure as hell don't want to go back.

We're proud to be in the union because we know through the hard times we've had, that whatever we can achieve on our own, we can always do better together. And we do.

If you're not a member, join. If you are a member, get involved.

And let's do it better together.